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¿Qué peor sensación que encontrarse perdido buscando dónde escalar en un país que no es el tuyo? Gracias a este blog pude encontrar sitios increibles donde compartir con escaladores locales. Definitivamente lo recomiendo a todos aquellos que quieran buenas experiencias de escalada en Colombia - Álvaro F

When heading down on my first trip in Colombia, I found that there was a huge lack of information available online. Jacob's guides filled in the gaps. I found the information highly useful and straightforward. -Jim Lawyer, Author of: Adirondack Rock Climbing

I am a 20 something-year-old woman who just completed a four month solo trip through Central and South America. The information in your book was invaluable. I learned about many areas I had no idea existed and saved me a lot of money and more importantly time!  Your book gave me the confidence to go to a lot of these place I would never had dared otherwise. Thank you! - Danielle B

Over the past two decades, I have made close to 10 trips down to Latin America, and have climbed at many of the places mentioned here on this blog. I have to say that The Wandering Climber is one of the best resources I've ever used. Much of what is covered in Jacob’s guides do not exist anywhere else online. - Will Sparks, Professional Guide, and Founder of

After relentlessly searching the internet, We kept finding ourselves going back to The Wandering Climber again and again for help. We couldn't have done our travel without TWC! - Jochem & Karin

Rock Climbing at the Cochamo Valley

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The Wandering Climber is an online rock climbing and travel resource. It was founded by Jacob Bushmaker, an avid climber and professional traveler.

His years of collective first-hand travel experiences to remote and and sometimes obscure rock climbing destinations provide the basis for the huge wealth of knowledge seen on this blog.

Our brand’s mission is to enable climbers from around the world with the information needed reach their travel and climbing goals.

So let’s get started!

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