Best 3 Places to Rock Climb in Chile

Chile is a adventurer’s paradise. This country has it all. With high snow capped volcanoes, thousands of acres of untapped wilderness, granite spires, glaciers and some of both the driest and wettest places on earth. Making this list was particularly hard because there were so many good places which had […]

3 Top Climbing Destinations in Argentina

Argentina is a country with a massive amount of climbing. To the western edge, the country borders the Andes mountain range which gives it some of the most famous mountains in the world such as the Fitz Roy and Aconcagua (the highest point in South America and the Southern Hemisphere) […]

The Top 6 Rock Climbing Towns in South America

So you want to find out what are the best rock climbing towns in South America? That’s great! But where to go? The continent is huge, diverse and exotic! Climbing towns are little slices of heaven which serve as bases to get supplies, plan your adventures and meet other climbers […]

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