Here it is, three of the best rock climbing destinations that the Andes Mountains have to offer. These areas are spread out across three counties, and are generally situated at the hotspots of each countries’ alpine and climbing destinations. Other posts have talked about more well known climbing areas, but
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Generally speaking Colombia isn’t considered a rock climbing destination. Many people (especially Americans) get all of their images of the country from shows like Narcos. Luckily the days of drug violence have come and gone and Colombia is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. It is an amazing beautiful country
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El Potrero Chico (EPC) Mexico, Monterrey (Nuevo Leon)’s premier winter rock climbing destination. El Potrero Chico is without a doubt, one of the world’s best places to sport climb.  Located only a few hours drive from the US border, EPC conveniently shares its prime climbing season with the North American
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El Potrero Chico (EPC) is without a doubt one of North America’s premier winter climbing destinations. In the winter of 2018-2019, I was able to spend over a month down at EPC enjoying everything that the it had to offer. I have to tell you, this place has it all.
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