I recently did a write up of three of the best climbing destinations in Northern Ecuador (ie: close to Quito). I have received a surprising amount of interest in terms to Ecuadorian climbing. I think that a lot of this comes from the general lack of information available online, combined
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Ecuador is a wildly diverse country. Here you can go from costal beaches, to 4,000m+ mountain passes and then back down to the tropical Amazon Rainforest, all on same road, in the same day. The climbing of Ecuador is a diverse as diverse as the country itself, offering a range
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After just completing my second trip to La Mesa de Los Santos (La Mojarra), I was reminded of what makes this place so great. I was blown away by the hospitality shown by the staff, the friendly people and the overwhelming beauty of the surroundings. It is somewhere that will
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Bolivia isn’t really know for its rock climbing, and when compared to its close by neighbors, it doesn’t have a huge amount of climbing to offer. However there are pockets of crags to be found around the country, and many times close to the main “tourist” areas. This means that
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