Yangshuo Climbing: China’s Limestone Paradise [Full Guide]

This is the ultimate Yangshuo climbing guide. Look no further to find the how’s, why’s and where’s of sending it on Yangshuo rock! You can’t talk about climbing in China without Yangshuo dropping in on the conversation. Words like ‘mecca’ are used liberally when describing this karst-filled, limestone haven. (And for good reason) I can […]

Chulilla Climbing – An Incredibly Epic First Timer’s Guide

Today I’m going to show you everything a first timer needs to know about rock climbing in Chulilla Spain.  (In less than 10 minutes) In fact, this is the information I put together during a month of climbing Chulilla’s best routes!  I’m going to cover absolutely everything that someone new to Chulilla needs to know […]

Todra Gorge Climbing: A Ridiculously Useful Guide [Updated]

You’ve come across the internet’s ultimate guide for rock climbing at the Todra Gorge.  In this guide you will find absolutely everything you need to know about Todra’s climbing.  The best part? We’ve done all the work for you, making this a one-stop-guide for everything you need to know about Todra! In this guide you […]

Rock Climbing City Of Rocks: A Conclusive Guide [2020]

When you dream of going crack climbing in Western USA, your first thoughts go to Yosemite, Indian Creek or Joshua Tree. But have you ever heard about rock climbing City of Rocks? No?  Well, in this guide we convince you it is the next place you should visit! Located in South Idaho just over the border […]