Belaying From Above With Any Device: The Ultimate Guide

Why Would You Need to Belay From Above? Whether you’ve just made the transition from gym to outdoor climbing, or you’ve been climbing single-pitch sports routes for years, it’s possible that you’ve never needed to belay from above. However, knowing how to belay from above is essential for multi-pitch climbing and trad climbing, and can […]

Rock Climbing vs Bouldering: Is There a Difference?

What are the differences between bouldering and rock climbing? Which is harder? What should a beginner do to rock climb? And more! Bouldering and rock climbing might seem very similar at first sight, but they’re actually quite different. They both use different techniques, safety gear, muscle groups, training regimes, and more. They even have distinct […]

Rock Climbing Barefoot: Why and When You Can Do It

Barefoot rock climbing, can you do it? Should you do it? Climbing can be a very expensive sport as opposed to many others such as running or ball sports, especially for people from low-income countries. For someone who wants to have a full set of climbing gear, you need an investment of around a thousand […]