Definition: What is Onsight vs Flash vs Redpoint Climbing

If you are a beginner climber stopping by at a sport climbing crag, you will most definitely be hit around the head with some of the following terms: redpoint, onsight, flash, pinkpoint, beta, and maybe even greenpoint and headpoint. Learning a new sport is hard even without all the technical jargon. So you might be […]

Weight Limit For Rock Climbing – Is There a Weight Limit for Indoor Rock Climbing?

Just saw Free Solo and interested in giving it a shot?  Wondering if there are any weight limits or restrictions? What about auto-belays vs top rope climbing at the climbing gyms?  Here we will discuss everything regarding weight in rock climbing. Wondering if you are too heavy for rock climbing is a very common question […]

What is Smearing in Rock Climbing & Techniques on How To Do It!

You’ve been rock climbing for a while and one day, you hear about “smearing” but you aren’t completely sure what it means and what you do, exactly. Well then, this one’s for you! Here, we’ll go into everything you need to know about this foot technique, how to do it, what the common mistakes are, […]