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This Could Be You

Hi there!!

So the site’s been growing at a nice steady pace, but up to now it has just been me and I’m looking to speed things up a bit.

I am looking for guest post contributions from TWC community to help the site grow!!

Some of the benefits of posting on TWC:

    • You may include up to three relevant links to your own website in the body of your text (perfect chance to build ‘dofollow’ backlinks!)
    • Build up your “internet resume”, control what shows up on Google. Your name will be ranking after this post!
    • If you’re interested, with time I’ll teach you exactly how to write an a KILLER blog post, and optimize it for SEO. Pretty much it’s the perfect way to learn how to grow a blog.

Here are the type of articles I”m looking for, but I’m also open to other ideas so feel free to ask or look at the site for more ideas:

Here are the requirements:

    • High quality, 100% original content
    • Written in a high or native level English proficiency
    • Minimum 1,500 words (the longer the better)
    • I reserve the right to edit any content you submit to me and to reject submissions that do not follow the guidelines.
    • I may go in and edit the formatting of the post, updating heading columns, adding keywords, affiliate links, and adding additional graphics if needs be.
    • I highly suggest clearing any topic with me beforehand
    • Please submit 5-7 photos, preferably landscape photos.
    • The majority of photos must be your own and shot on location during your travels.
    • Photos must be hosted on my site.
    • If you use other’s photos, they must be cited

If you’re interested, send me your ideas here: j.c.bushmaker (at) gmail (dot) com