Guide to the Different Types of Rock Climbing Ropes

Today we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the different types of climbing rope. Perhaps you just searched for climbing rope online, and you were horrified with what you found. Single rope, double rope, half rope, dry coating UIAA falls, static, dynamic, dry coating, rope diameter, rope elongation… the list goes on. […]

20 Best Rock Climbing Pants: The Ultimate Guide

There are times when the stakes in a climbing pants purchase feel about as high as any in the climbing world. So then… How do you know which are the best climbing pants to choose from? Your new rope or your crashpad – you’ll always show up with them. Even if you wind up never […]

Hand Care For Bouldering & Rock Climbing: Take Care of Callus!

You’re high above the ground. You can feel the exposure under your feet. You’re pumped, growing weaker by the second, you need to find a better hold now. The next option is just outside your grasp, you take a breath, and go for it. Your hand hits the hold, you grab with all your strength, […]

Review of The Mammut Infinity Protect, Classic & Dry [70m]

The Mammut Infinity climbing rope has gained attention over the years as being one of the best all around, one size fits all ropes ever made. Mammut ropes are world famous for their durability and have always been known as workhorse ropes, and though the Mammut Infinity has a sleek diameter of 9.5mm, it packs […]