Yangshuo: A Full Guide to the Top Rock Climbing in China

This is the ultimate Yangshuo climbing guide. Look no further to find the how’s, why’s and where’s of sending it on Yangshuo rock! You can’t talk about climbing in China without Yangshuo dropping in on the conversation. Words like ‘mecca’ are used liberally when describing this karst-filled, limestone haven. (And for good reason) I can […]

Guide to Rock in Thahkek Laos: South East Asia’s Best Crag

Rock climbing in Laos has exploded into the South East Asia climbing scene in the past few years. Hidden in the limestone hills that comprise South-Central Laos the once an obscure village of Thakhek has become a must visit for all rock climbers in SE Asia.  (And for a good reason) I spent 10 days […]

Rock Climbing Taiwan: Long Dong ~ Taipei’s Best Crag

Today you’re going to find out everything you need to know about rock climbing Taiwan.  (In less than 15 minutes) And you know what? This guide is the result of weeks of on the ground experience with Taiwan’s rock climbing.  Not to mention, most of this information doesn’t exist anywhere else online.  Rest assured, you’ve […]