Todra Gorge Climbing: A Ridiculously Useful Guide [Updated]

You’ve come across the internet’s ultimate guide for rock climbing at the Todra Gorge.  In this guide you will find absolutely everything you need to know about Torda’s climbing.  The best part? We’ve done all the work for you, making this a one-stop-guide for everything you need to know about Todra! In this guide you […]

Waterval Boven Climbing: EVERYTHING You NEED to Know [New]

‘You’re going to South Africa! Rocklands, right?’  ‘No, we’re going sport climbing’ ‘Oh’ (*judgemental look and general confusion) The classic conversation I had dozens of times with other climbers before going to Waterval Boven in South Africa, a world class sport climbing destination.  It has somehow been completely overshadowed by Rocklands, its equally world class […]

Rock Climbing Laos: A Meticulously Comprehensive Guide [2020]

Rock climbing in Laos has exploded into the South East Asia climbing scene in the past few years. Hidden in the limestone hills that comprise South-Central Laos the once an obscure village of Thakhek has become a must visit for all rock climbers in SE Asia.  (And for a good reason) I spent 10 days […]

The Absolutely Conclusive Guide to Hatun Machay [2020 Update]

Today you are going to learn everything you need to know about rock climbing at Hatun Machay, Peru.  In fact, the info found here comes from years of first-hand South American climbing experience.  (Rest assured) This is the internet’s ultimate resource for Hatun Machay’s climbing.  In this article you will find updated information on the […]