Equipment List For Rappelling: Gear You Need [To Stay Safe]

Contrary to common belief, the hardest part of climbing a rock face isn’t always the ascent. After all, you can control that process with a myriad of techniques and gear to guarantee excellent safety. But when it’s time to descend, that’s when adrenaline really floods your body. Descending usually depends on a single rappelling system. […]

Review: Best Climbing Bags & Backpacks For Rock Climbing

Today we’re going to show you the best rock climbing rope bag on the market. (no kidding) Getting the right rope bag could be the make or break of a climbing trip, or even just a day out. It is the cornerstone of your day and should ensure comfort and convenience, fit your personality and […]

Review: Best Chalk Bag For Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Today we’re going to show you the best chalk bag for rock climbing. With the thousands of chalk bags out there it might be impossible for you to choose just one (or two!). Y ou may be thinking, ‘What does it even matter? Aren’t all chalk bags just little pouches to hide away your chalk?’.  […]

Review: Best ATC & Assited Breaking Belay Devices

Today we’re going to give you all the best belay device reviews on the market (For real) You plop down in front of that computer. What’s out there? What do you need? You type “best belay device reviews” into Google and get firehosed by decades of information.  Soon you’re inundated with terms like Air Traffic […]