Tyrolean Traverse: What Is It? And How To Do It (Easily)

For a climber, learning to do the Tyrolean traverse can be a lot of fun! Packed with the right gear and practice, you too will be able to master this rather challenging technique. First-time climbers might feel that the Tyrolean traverse isn’t suitable for them, but even kids can do it safely at appropriate heights.  […]

How To Belay 101: The Definitive Guide For First Time Belayers

When we think about rock climbing, our minds wander to remote locations and beautiful landscapes, picturing strong men and women gracefully ascending rocks.  As all climbers know, however, there is something missing in this beautiful image: the belayers!  We must admit it: without a belayer, there can be no climbing (unless you are crazy enough […]

What Is Trad Climbing? Start Here (if You’re New to Trad)

What is Trad Climbing? First things first, what is trad climbing? Trad climbing is, unequivocally, the single most addictive and enthralling activity on the face of the planet. It’s adventurous, intriguing and imposing. It’s captivating and calming, exhilarating and daunting, all in equal measure. It’s a paradoxically austere and grandiose sport that can be life-changing […]

Lead Climbing 101: How To Lead Climb Like a Pro [Fast]

Lead climbing. That somewhat horrifying but undeniably attractive activity that you’ve probably seen some of the local crushers practicing at the gym. Today we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to lead climb like a pro, lead belay like a boss, and give you some bonafide tested steps to lead climbing mastery. […]