Today we’re going to show you the best rock climbing rope bag on the market.

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Getting the right rope bag could be the make or break of a climbing trip, or even just a day out. It is the cornerstone of your day and should ensure comfort and convenience, fit your personality and reflect how you organize your climbing life. 

Making the right choice can be difficult. It’s important to get the right fit and the one that works for you. 

There are 2 main types of bag; ones that can hold all of your gear, including your rope, and those that just hold the rope and can fit into a bigger pack, or attach to the top of it.

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Best Rock Climbing Rope Bag: Review

Combining the convenience of a small rope bag with the comfort of a backpack, these rope bags allow you to carry your rope and gear as a backpack, without hauling a huge bag everywhere.

Kavu Shapiro Rope bag

Kavu Shapiro Rope bag

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This stylish bag blends the practicality of a simple rope bag and the comfort of a backpack. 

It has double straps to carry comfortably on your back, a tarp attached to keep the rope clean, and stacks easily, rolling the rope straight into the bag. It is also big enough to fit your harness, shoes and a rack. 

If you travel light, then this is the bag for you.  

Metolius Speedster Rope Bag

Metolius Speedster Rope Bag

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Another very practical bag with the added bonus of a front zip allowing you to access all your gear smoothly without opening the whole bag. 

This bag has double straps for a comfortable approach and, as with the Shapiro, fits the rest of your gear around the rope. 

A convenient, and more affordable, backpack for short days and gym.

DMM Climbing Flight Bag

DMM Climbing Flight Bag

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This convenient backpack has all you need for a day trip, or one further afield. At a capacity of 45L, it can cope with an 80 metre rope, draws, and personal gear, with extra room for clothes and other basic necessities.

Durable and easy to carry, it has the added bonus of being the right size for airline hand luggage. Inside is neatly organised with compartments and a suitcase style zip for easy access. A little more on the pricey side at around 80 dollars, however, it is long-lasting and worth the extra for longer trips.   

Perfect for those longer days or vacations.

Rock Climbing Rope Tarps

Sometimes all you need is a tarp. Maybe you already have the right bag and just need the mat to keep the rope clean and easy to move from route to route. A tarp is ideal for a rock climbing gym rope and very useful to have inside a bigger back. It’s ultra-lightweight and useful for travelling, casual cragging and those easy approaches.

Metolius Rope Tarp

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This low-cost option provides a handy storage possibility for your current backpack. 

Folding your rope efficiently, it fastens with your own carabiner, avoiding problems with broken buckles. 

A great option to keep your rope clean and your approach light-weight.

Trango Cord Trapper Rope Tarp

Trango Cord Trapper Rope Tarp

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Another light-weight, affordable option to slide straight in your backpack. 

The Trango Tarp rolls your rope up tangle-free and has the option to tighten it for maximum space saving in your pack. This tarp is perfect for back-packing or travelling as it is durable, space-saving, and efficient.

Best Rock Climbing Rope Bags: Shoulder Bags

This traditional one strap bag has been favoured by climbers for many years. 

Usually a simple tarp that rolls into a bag and tightens up with no room for anything other than the rope. 

A good option to attach to your backpack, or share the weight with a friend.

Metolius Ropemaster HC

Metolius Ropemaster HC

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A cheaper, one strap bag, with unbreakable aluminum buckles, the Metolius also favours a convenient handle at the top for easy lifting and moving. Affordable, but still durable and comfortable, this bag is definitely a strong contender for a good, easy option to carry your rope.

Black Diamond Equipment Super Chute

Black Diamond Equipment Super Chute

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At a similar price, this funnel design allows for easy packing and, with a compression courier strap, allows for a comfortable approach. Extremely durable with strong clips, this bag will be a long-lasting and useful addition to your gear. A little bigger, it is designed to attach to the top of your bag or be carried separately.

Edelrid Liner Climbing Rope Bag

Edelrid Liner Climbing Rope Bag

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Designed to squash into a bigger bag, or to be carried separately, this one shoulder bag has compression straps for comfort on the approach, and a great funnel for easy packing. A simple bag with plastic clips, what it lacks in durability, it makes up for in efficiency and price. 

Mammut Magic Rope Bag

Mammut magic rope bag

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This unique bucket style rope bag is perfect for gym or the crag. With padded, foam sides, it doubles as a seating spot for putting on shoes or watching climbers crush. 

Complete with an inner zipper to hold a chalk bag and tape and a large outside zipper for valuables or snacks. The bag is big enough to hold shoes and a jacket in addition to the rope. 

With a comfortable strap over the shoulder, this 3 in 1 bag has many useful features. At around 55 dollars, this is an affordable and practical alternative.

Best Rock Climbing Rope Bag: Specific Bags

Petzl Kab

Petzl Kab

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This chic and sleek gym bag integrates practicality with style. Intended as a work to gym bag, it has a capacity of 20 litres, which can be adjusted to 26 with a simple zip. 

Big enough to hold a rope, with built in tarp, and a separate compartment to divide your gym gear from your work and personal accessories, this bag is perfect for those who value practicality alongside looking good. 

A little bit more pricey at 80 dollars, but it’s worth the money.

Black Diamond Gym Solution

Black Diamond Gym Solution

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This bucket style bag is waterproof and durable for everyday use. As with the Petzl, it is designed for daily use, from work to gym. 

It boasts a 30 L capacity, metal buckles, a foam over the shoulder handle and a handy small zip for easy access to valuables.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rock Climbing Rope Bag

Why do you need a bag?

This is your first thought. Ask yourself: why do you need a rope bag? 

Sometimes you need a whole backpack, a vessel for all you need for the day including rope, drawers, personal gear, water and extra clothes for warmth. 

But you may already have a good bag. One that is comfortable, secure and holds all you need except the rope. In that case, maybe you just need something to attach to the bag, or even a simple tarp to keep the rope clean. 

You might just need a gym bag, something that doesn’t need the durability but needs the practicality of work-to-gym. This guide will help you make those decisions.


For a gym bag, this isn’t so important. Style and practicality for moving between work and the local wall is key. 

However, if it is a crag bag, the durability of your bag should feature high on the priority list. A crag bag needs to withstand the elements, be thrown around on rocks, rained on, laid on and generally be able to cope with many things and, most importantly, last. 

This will affect the price. The most affordable may not last under these conditions so sometimes spending a little extra pays out in the long run. Think about your intended use and how durable the bag needs to be. 


Again, the intended use will give you an idea of how important the comfort needs to be. 

Think about the length of approach, how much you will need to carry and for how long. The straps, weight and terrain are all factors in this decision.

Size and Capacity 

woman picking up rope

What do you need the bag for? 

If I am going to the gym, I want something that can hold my basic climbing gear, alongside a work-day bag. Personally, I probably have a small day bag anyway. The gym bag just needs solely climbing gear. 

Yet, a crag bag deserves much more thought and depends on your local needs or your full-on trip needs. Water, extra clothes, money, food. All these need to be factored in if you’re looking for a one-size fits all bag. 

Without a doubt, if you’re looking for capacity the DMM Climbing Flight Bag is the way to go. 

The size of the bag depends on how much you are intending to put in it. Do you need to fit the whole day’s equipment, including food and drink? Or are you simply looking for something to hold on to the rope?


We all want good value for money! But we can’t all afford the best price. Work out your budget, and think about what you are willing to pay for. 

The price can often denote the quality, and spending a little extra can often mean a longer lasting product. 

But, as we’ve discussed, maybe you already have something that works, and just need a little extra to make it more convenient. It all depends on what you really need, what you want, and what you’re willing to pay.

For the ultimate bang for your buck, the Trango Cord Trapper Rope Tarp is the way to go!

Final thoughts

So now you have it, the best rock climbing rope bag out there!

Remember: a rope bag can be very personal, and must match your own needs and style.  It’s clear that it depends on your main use and what gear and bags you may already own. Choose carefully!

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