10 Best Climbing Gloves: A Crazy-Good Guide to the Best Belay and Crack Gloves [2020 Review]

Climbing gloves are probably one of the lesser known pieces of gear, but one of the most undervalued at the same time.  Of course, the label “climbing gloves” can refer to any kind of coverings for your hands worn while at the crag… In this guide, however, we won’t be looking at gloves designed for […]

Climbing Helmets: Everything You Need to Know and Oh, So Much More

Today we’ll be telling you absolutely everything you need to know buy your perfect climbing helmet. So there you are. Standing in your bathroom, admiring the different layers of fingertip skin you’ve managed to leave on the various rocks in the area. You get to counting them. Looks like 3, maybe 4, you can’t decide. […]

13 Best Belay Glasses: Ultimate Buying Guide [2020 Review]

Today you’re going to learn all things belay glasses. Sport and trad climbers know all-too-well the strain a long day at the crag can have on their necks. The resulting soreness from looking high up at one’s partner while they chuff on their project for a couple hours is never pleasant.  It is, quite literally, […]

The Dawn Wall vs Free Solo: Which Film Is Better? [Hint ~ It’s Not Free Solo]

The Dawn Wall vs Free Solo. Two of rock climbing’s most awaited and critically acclaimed movies of all time. Free Solo even went on to win the Oscar for the best documentary of 2019, rocking the film to outright fame. So then that means Free Solo is better… right? Hold on there. There’s a lot […]