The Absolutely Conclusive Guide to Hatun Machay [2019 Update]

Today you are going to learn everything you need to know about rock climbing at Hatun Machay, Peru.  In fact, the info found here comes from years of first-hand South American climbing experience.  (Rest assured) This is the internet’s ultimate resource for Hatun Machay’s climbing.  In this article you will find updated information on the […]

Ultimate Suesca Climbing Guide – Everything You Need To Know (2019)

Here you have it, the ultimate guide to Suesca Climbing. Located only 45km North of Bogota, it is the most developed and “complete” climbing area in the country, with over 400 routes. Suesca has a nice mix of trad, sport, multi-pitch and bouldering. This is the birthplace of Colombian climbing. The first routes are said […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Rock Climbing Taiwan [Updated]

Today you’re going to find out everything you need to know about rock climbing Taiwan.  (In less than 15 minutes) And you know what? This guide is the result of weeks of on the ground experience with Taiwan’s rock climbing.  Not to mention, most of this information doesn’t exist anywhere else online.  Rest assured, you’ve […]