8 Best Trad Climbing Shoes: An Unparalleled Guide [2021]

We’ve scoured the best trad climbing shoes around to bring you this incredibly awesome buyer’s guide.  Don’t buy risk buying the wrong shoes!  If you’re looking for the best trad climbing shoes then look no further, we have the information you need!   We’ve compiled an ultimate guide detailing not only the best all-round trad climbing […]

Sport vs Trad Climbing: The Ultimate Guide [Go Forth & Send!]

The world of rock climbing is rich with various methods and gear like – sport, trad, aid, ice, and alpine. You may find yourself enjoying one or all of these!  No matter which style you practice, it’s a helpful skill to be able to recognize what makes each of them unique.  In this article, explore […]

What Is Trad Climbing? Start Here (if You’re New to Trad)

What is Trad Climbing? First things first, what is trad climbing? Trad climbing is, unequivocally, the single most addictive and enthralling activity on the face of the planet. It’s adventurous, intriguing and imposing. It’s captivating and calming, exhilarating and daunting, all in equal measure. It’s a paradoxically austere and grandiose sport that can be life-changing […]